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Appeal to supporters over pyro

In recent games there has been an increase of incidents involving smoke bombs, which has been noted by league officials.

The use of flares and smoke bombs at games has to stop.

Whenever devices are used at our games the financial position of our club and the health of our fans is being threatened. Club officials wish to appeal to the reasonableness of our supporters to help stop the use of smoke bombs and flares at games.

We don’t make this appeal because we wish to be killjoys and we have tried to explain the position with appeals to supporters in the past on this website click here.

FC United is affiliated to the Football Supporters Federation and we carried an article from the FSF in the matchday programme this season. The FSF also posted the following advice and guidance on their website earlier this year click here

The legal position is very clear click here for legal advice and guidance.

We are aware that many supporters believe that smoke bombs and flares add atmosphere to games and they can look spectacular on photos but they do present a very real risk to your club and your fellow fans.

- The club will be fined if the use of smoke bombs and flares continues.

- Smoke bombs and flares are a risk to the health of fellow fans – FC United fans with medical conditions and respiratory illnesses have been hospitalised due to the use of smoke bombs.

- The use and discharge of smoke bombs and flares in football grounds is a criminal offence. Supporters have received custodial sentences for letting off these devices.

The supporters who bring flares and smoke bombs to the game clearly enjoy the FC match experience but we ask that they stop bringing pyro to games as it could ultimately threaten the club’s future. Please show some respect for the club and fellow fans. The increased use of pyro at FC games has caused the FA and League to contact the club and heightens the interest in our matches from police and safety personnel.

Just being caught in possession of a device at a game could threaten your personal liberty. If that does not bother you then please bear in mind that letting these devices off in a crowded area is unreasonable and disrespectful to your fellow fans.

We are a democratically run supporter owned club any supporter wishing to challenge the club position on smoke bombs and flares is encouraged to do so and we would ask that you please contact the club office and ask to speak with FC United General Manager Andy Walsh.

First Posted ~ 21:08 Sun 20 Apr 2014
News ID ~ 5497
Last Updated ~ 02:52 Tue 16 Feb 2021