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Appeal for match day volunteers to join the traffic marshalling team.

Appeal for match day volunteers to join the traffic marshalling team.Who can volunteer to be a traffic marshal and will I have to work every match?

Volunteers for this role must be over 18 years old.

All are welcome to join the team, those who are willing to work most matches, and also anyone who can only commit to just a few matches per season.

The rota is arranged in advance a few days before each match.

I don’t live in the Moston area; will I be able to help?

You do not need to have local knowledge of the area as you will be given detailed information about the streets where parking is not allowed and the locations of the nearby car parks. The team leader is local to Moston and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

What are the hours and will I have to miss any of the match?

Traffic marshals report to the cabin for signing-in, collect a hi-vis jacket and start their duties at about 1.30pm, returning to the ground at about 2.55pm in time to watch the whole match.

What does a traffic marshal do?

Traffic marshals are allocated positions in the streets around
Broadhurst Park for an hour and a half before kick off.

This is to ensure that supporters do not park on the residential streets and are directed to the designated parking places in car parks and non-residential areas.

We also allocate two volunteers to take money at the car park at St Matthews school just 5 minutes walk from the ground.

Will I be able to get assistance if I have a confrontation with a difficult motorist?

For your first few sessions you will be partnered with an experienced volunteer traffic marshal so that you learn how to diplomatically steer supporters away from the local streets and assist them finding a suitable alternative place to park.

If you always want to work with a partner, this can be arranged in the rota every time you work.

You will also be provided with the FC office number and the team leader’s phone number should you need to call for assistance.

Will I enjoy my volunteering?

We can’t pretend that traffic marshalling is the most rewarding of all the volunteer match day jobs.

Unfortunately we can’t arrange for good weather every time you are standing outdoors for 90 minutes!

But we do provide hot drinks for you to take out. We can promise that you will make friends within the FC volunteer family and you will know that you are providing a vital service for both the club and the local community.

Finally, if you want to give it a try and then find that this isn’t the right job for you, that’s OK, there are other volunteer roles to try.

How do I sign up for traffic marshalling? How can I get more information?

Several ways ----

Email volunteers@fc-utd.co.uk.

Call at the cabin at the Lightbowne Road corner of the ground to visit the volunteer welcome desk between 12.30 and 2.45 on a match day.

Call at the club main reception window during weekday office hours and leave your contact details.

Phone the club on 0161 769 2005 during weekday office hours and leave your contact details.

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