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AGM: Standing for the Board - closing date noon on 26th November

The Annual General Meeting is the most important meeting in the club calendar, where members elect the board, receive reports on club finances and activities and decide the future direction of the club. FC United’s delayed 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held at 11am on Sunday 10th January 2021 and due to Covid 19 restrictions will be held virtually. Current Board composition The club can constitutionally be made up of between 2 and 5 board members. We currently have 3 board members; - Sam Mullock who is 1 year into his 2 year mandate, - Adrian Seddon who has served his 2 year mandate and - Dennis Shannon who is serving as a replacement board member. Both Adrian and Dennis must stand down at this AGM although both can re-stand if they wish, meaning that there will be 4 vacancies for the board. Neither Adrian nor Dennis have indicated that they will not be re-standing. Under rule 69 approximately half the board members must resign each year at the AGM. In order to re-establish this cycle, should 2 or fewer board members be elected to the board they will serve for 2 years and if 3 or 4 members be elected to the board the candidate with the fewest votes will serve for 1 year. The FA require that all board members meet the requirements of their ’Fit and Proper’ criteria prior to acceptance on the board. Any members intending to stand for election to the Board are urged to read Rules 61 to 71 of the Club’s Constitution. We would ask members to carefully consider whether serving on the board is the best way for them to benefit the club. People standing for the Board need to: - Be willing to devote time & energy to the role; - Be keen to work as part of a team, building rapport with others; - Have good communication skills and listening skills; - Have common sense, sound judgement and integrity, and high and ethical standards. We are keen to further broaden the skills and expertise on the Board. The list below gives examples of the skills we are looking to add to the board – we want to emphasise however that there is no expectation that an individual will have all of these attributes. Instead we are after people with in-depth knowledge in one or more of the following areas: Experience from work, volunteering or domestic settings: - An understanding of effective decision-making processes; - The ability to mentor and coach; - The ability and willingness to challenge and probe. Technical skills & experience: Some examples would be: marketing & business development, legal, HR, IT, governance, strategy development and implementation, volunteer management, customer service, or facilities or event management, . Industry knowledge or experience: Some examples would be: experience of working on a strategic or operational board, running or overseeing a medium-sized (£1 million turnover) business, managing community engagement initiatives, or experience in football/ sports club management. If you are considering standing for the board and would like to find out more about what it entails, the current board members are on hand to provide any information. If you would like to speak to a board member please contact sammullock@fc-utd.co.uk or adrianseddon@fc-utd.co.uk or dennis.shannon@fc-utd.co.uk (noting that Adrian and Dennis may be candidates in this election). Election Policy - Candidates for Board Elections 1.1 Nominations can be made at any time up until close of nominations at noon 45 days before the scheduled date of the General Meeting. (i.e. 12 noon on 26th November 2020) 1.2 As part of the advanced notification of a General Meeting the Club will inform members how many positions on the Board are up for election and which, if any at that stage, of the current Board Members have declared that they will not be restanding for election. 1.3 Any member wishing to stand as a candidate should submit a written nomination to the Club Secretary who will confirm receipt. Please email viv.ware@fc-utd.net 1.4 The nomination should; a. Be endorsed by not fewer than 5 other members who, in granting their endorsement, state that to the best of their knowledge the member seeking election to the Club Board fulfils the criteria set out in these rules. This should include the name and membership number of each endorsing member which will be included in the General Meeting notes. b. Clearly state that the member wishes to stand for election to the Club Board at the forthcoming General Meeting. c. Declare eligibility to be a member of the Club Board.

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