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AGM 2021 Notice and documents

Full details of the Annual General Meeting on 5th December 2021 are now available

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of FC United Limited will take place from 12 noon on Sunday 5th December 2021 at Broadhurst Park and will also be broadcast online. Online login details will be emailed to all members before the meeting.

FC United is established on firm one member, one vote, democratic principles, and those principles are underlined by your opportunity to vote in General Meetings on the resolutions put to the membership and, in this case, in the Board election. Adult members who bought or renewed their membership by 7 November are eligible to vote at the meeting.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Club, Explanatory Notes, Proxy Forms and Ballot Forms have been uploaded to the Members Forum. You do not need to know your membership number to access the forum. Your username will be Firstname Lastname (Capital first letter of each name and a space between the two).

You can retrieve your password here. If you don’t get an email back within a few minutes, please check your junk folder first before trying again. If you're still having any issues, please email office@fc-utd.uk and we’ll try and help you.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club is the annual members’ meeting at which the Board reports to the members on the performance of the Club in the previous financial year (in this case, to 30th June 2020).

The financial statements will be available before the AGM.

1. Chair’s Welcome and Appointment of Scrutineer
2. Questions for candidates
3. Financial Report
4. Resolutions 

Resolutions and members’ votes
There are three Resolutions and five Members' Votes to be voted on at the AGM.

Full details of the Resolution and Members' votes can be viewed on the Members Forum.

Board elections
In accordance with the IPS rules, the Board can legally operate with any number from two members, up to a maximum of five. There are four vacancies on the Club’s Board and a possible seven candidates (including re-open nominations). The following candidates are standing for election to the Club Board and are listed in the same random order that they are listed on the ballot paper:

Re-open Nominations
Warren Heppolette
Luc Zentar
Matt Haley
Sam Mullock
Paul Butcher
Adrian Seddon

You may vote for up to four candidates; or vote to re-open nominations should you feel that any candidate is unsuitable.

Questions for candidates
The members’ forum will be set up to enable members to post questions to candidates. The candidates’ forum will be open for members and candidates from Sunday 14th November 2021 until Sunday 21st November 2021, then for candidates only until Sunday 28th November 2021. There is additional opportunity for direct questioning of candidates at the AGM.

Members can vote via post, email, with a ballot form provided at the AGM, or by appointing a proxy. Please read our election policy and the ballot forms for further details. 

The deadline for postal and email votes is 12 noon on Sunday 19 December 2021 to allow sufficient time after the meeting for ballot papers to be posted. Ballot forms and voting instructions can be accessed via the Members Forum.  

Any member who takes a ballot paper at the meeting or has a proxy so will be deemed to have voted and any subsequent postal or email vote will be invalid

The Board looks forward to as many members as possible attending in-person and online on Sunday 5th December 2021.

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