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We've recently moved to a new system for the member's area that uses the same login details as the forum for the members’ area (so the username is now “Firstname Lastname” with a space between). You have to request login details via the forum in order to get into this part of the system. If you haven’t used the forum before, you can request login details here:

You need to login to the forum first before trying the members' area. Again, if you want to change the password you need to do this in the User Control Panel of the forum. When logging into this members’ area, you need capital letters in the correct places in your name and please type the password by hand (case sensitive) rather than copying and pasting, as this will cause problems.

There is currently no way of requesting login details directly from this section of the website! We're currently looking into this.

There's also problems with updating passwords - if you change your password on the forum after logging in on here for the first time, the update will not be recognised here. The same applies in reverse, if you change your password here then it won't be recognised in the forum. If you want to change your password then please email us first,

We're aware that the system is not perfect and we are looking at possible alternatives in order to make the whole thing much easier and user friendly, but this will take time. Please bear with us.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions at all then please email us using

FCUM Membership Team

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